The Beginning...

My passion with HPRs began over twenty years ago when I purchased Megan, my first Weimaraner.

Meg was a relauctlant show girl, but proved to be an excellent 'picking up dog' and a wizz at agility, winning out of starters at her very first competition, she was a gentle introduction to the breed.

When Meg was three I decided that I would like to give the show scene another try and I approached Pam Thompson [Risinglark Weimaraners] for a puppy. Pam was expecting a litter from her beautiful Freya, I drove to Bristol for a look. I had been planning to pick a bitch puppy to be a pal for Meggie but after spending a little time with Pam, Freya and the pups I couldn't take my eyes off a little man! 

That little man was to change my life forever, he was to become Sh Ch Risinglark Hyperion JW - 'Mouse'. The most kind, trustworthy Weimaraner I have ever known.

Mouse was my first Champion and is the sire of Logan, Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz JW ShCM; who has inherited his Dad's bomb proof personality, and the grand sire of Riley, Sh Ch Kalimor Celtic Storm at Aarranz JW.

Mouse was my introduction to the Championship Show world, he was very patient with his novice handler and we learned together, often rising at 2am to travel many miles through the dark together to reach a show destination by 8am. The bond I shared with Mouse was something I can't explain, it's a once in a lifetime experience. He was where it all began...

The Gang

Beach Boys

Riley and Logan.

Riley and Logan.

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