Sh Ch Risinglark Hyperion JW

Breed: Weimaraner
Breeder: Pam Thompson
DOB: 11/7/1997
Stud Book No: 4403CI

Mouse was my first male Weimaraner. He was bred by Pam Thompson, and when I first approached Pam I was interested in purchasing a bitch. After viewing the litter I was repeatedly drawn to Mouse. My children were relatively young at the time and I already owned two bitches, but I knew he was the one I wanted, so home he came. Mouse was the sweetest male Weimaraner I have ever known.

He grew into a handsome dog who taught me how to behave in the show ring. He was a great family dog, loved by all who met him, at the time I was working as a registered childminder, many a nervous child learned to love and trust dogs through Mouse. He was 100 per cent trustworthy in any situation so he came almost everywhere with me and we developed a very strong bond.

We were only granted the pleasure of sharing Mouse's life for 10 years. He left a huge hole when he died, but I am grateful he gave me the gift of his son Logan and grandson Riley who reminds me of him in so many ways.

During his show career, Mouse gained the following:

  • 12 CCs
  • 6 Reserve CCs

Mouse's Pedigree

Sh Ch Risinglark Hyperion JW


Breeder: Pam Thompson/Stud Book No: 4403CI

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